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BioCountry category in BioPedia is to list all the BioNations. Each bionation such as BioIndonesia will have bio-information.

Welcome to the country of BiO, BioCountry

Biocountry is a virtual country for biological information objects. It is openfree. 
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Simple country list with ISO code | Country code with ISO-3166 two letter



  • <a class="image" title="Afghanistan" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Afghanistan.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> Bio<a title="Afghanistan" href="">Afghanistan</a>.com – Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
  • <a class="image" title="Albania" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Albania.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a href="">Albania</a> – Republic of Albania
  • <a class="image" title="Algeria" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Algeria_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Algeria" href="">Algeria</a> – People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
  • <a class="image" title="Andorra" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Andorra.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Andorra" href="">Andorra</a> – Principality of Andorra
  • <a class="image" title="Angola" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Angola.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Angola" href="">Angola</a> – Republic of Angola
  • <a class="image" title="Argentina" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Argentina.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Argentina" href="">Argentina</a> – Argentine Republic<a title="" href="#_note-1">[9]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Armenia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Armenia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Armenia" href="">Armenia</a> – Republic of Armenia
  • <a class="image" title="Australia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Australia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Australia" href="">Australia</a> – Commonwealth of Australia
  • <a class="image" title="Azerbaijan" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Azerbaijan.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Azerbaijan" href="">Azerbaijan</a> – Republic of Azerbaijan<a title="" href="#_note-2">[10]</a>



  • <a class="image" title="The Bahamas" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_Bahamas.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="The Bahamas" href="">Bahamas, The</a> – Commonwealth of The Bahamas
  • <a class="image" title="Bahrain" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Bahrain_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Bahrain" href=""></a> – Kingdom of Bahrain
  • <a class="image" title="Bangladesh" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Bangladesh.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Bangladesh" href=""></a> – People's Republic of Bangladesh
  • <a class="image" title="Barbados" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Barbados.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Barbados" href=""></a>
  • <a class="image" title="Belarus" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Belarus.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Belarus" href=""></a> – Republic of Belarus
  • <a class="image" title="Belgium" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Belgium_%28civil%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Belgium" href=""></a> – Kingdom of Belgium
  • <a class="image" title="Belize" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Belize.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Belize" href=""></a>
  • <a class="image" title="Benin" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Benin.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Benin" href=""></a> – Republic of Benin
  • <a class="image" title="Bermuda" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Bermuda.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Bermuda" href=""></a> (UK overseas territory)
  • <a class="image" title="Bhutan" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Bhutan.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Bhutan" href=""></a> – Kingdom of Bhutan
  • <a class="image" title="Bolivia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Bolivia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Bolivia" href=""></a> – Republic of Bolivia
  • <a class="image" title="Bosnia and Herzegovina" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Bosnia_and_Herzegovina.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Bosnia and Herzegovina" href="/wiki/Bosnia_and_Herzegovina">Bosnia and Herzegovina</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Botswana" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Botswana.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Botswana" href=""></a> – Republic of Botswana
  • <a class="image" title="Brazil" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Brazil.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Brazil" href=""></a>, <a href=""></a> – Federative Republic of Brazil
  • <a class="image" title="Brunei" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Brunei.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Brunei" href=""></a> – Negara Brunei Darussalam
  • <a class="image" title="Bulgaria" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Bulgaria_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Bulgaria" href=""></a> – Republic of Bulgaria
  • <a class="image" title="Burundi" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Burundi.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Burundi" href=""></a> – Republic of Burundi



  • <a class="image" title="Cambodia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Cambodia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Cambodia" href=""></a> – Kingdom of Cambodia
  • <a class="image" title="Cameroon" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Cameroon.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Cameroon" href=""></a> – Republic of Cameroon
  • <a class="image" title="Canada" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Canada.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Canada" href=""></a><a title="" href="#_note-3">[11]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Cape Verde" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Cape_Verde.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Cape Verde" href="/wiki/Cape_Verde">Cape Verde</a> – Republic of Cape Verde
  • <a class="image" title="Central African Republic" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_Central_African_Republic.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Central African Republic" href="/wiki/Central_African_Republic">Central African Republic</a><a title="" href="#_note-4">[12]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Chad" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Chad.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Chad" href=""></a> – Republic of Chad
  • <a class="image" title="Chile" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Chile_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a href=""></a> – Republic of Chile
  • <a class="image" title="People's Republic of China" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_People%27s_Republic_of_China.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="People's Republic of China" href="/wiki/People%27s_Republic_of_China">China, People's Republic of</a> – People's Republic of China<a title="" href="#_note-5">[13]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Republic of China" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_Republic_of_China.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Republic of China" href="/wiki/Republic_of_China">China, Republic of</a> – Republic of China <a title="" href="#_note-6">[14]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Colombia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Colombia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Colombia" href=""></a> – Republic of Colombia
  • <a class="image" title="Comoros" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_Comoros.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Comoros" href=""></a> – Union of the Comoros
  • <a class="image" title="Democratic Republic of the Congo" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_Democratic_Republic_of_the_Congo.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Democratic Republic of the Congo" href="/wiki/Democratic_Republic_of_the_Congo">Congo, Democratic Republic of</a> – Democratic Republic of the Congo<a title="" href="#_note-7">[15]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Republic of the Congo" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_Republic_of_the_Congo.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Republic of the Congo" href="/wiki/Republic_of_the_Congo">Congo, Republic of</a> – Republic of the Congo<a title="" href="#_note-8">[16]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Costa Rica" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Costa_Rica.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Costa Rica" href="/wiki/Costa_Rica">Costa Rica</a> – Republic of Costa Rica
  • <a class="image" title="Croatia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Croatia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Croatia" href=""></a> – Republic of Croatia
  • <a class="image" title="Cuba" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Cuba.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Cuba" href=""></a> – Republic of Cuba
  • <a class="image" title="Cyprus" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Cyprus_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Cyprus" href=""></a> – Republic of Cyprus<a title="" href="#_note-9">[17]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Czech Republic" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_Czech_Republic_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> Bio<a title="Czech Republic" href="">Czech</a>. Czech Republic 



  • <a class="image" title="Denmark" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Denmark.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Denmark" href=""></a> – Kingdom of Denmark
    • See <a title="" href="#A">Akrotiri and Dhekelia</a> for Dhekelia
  • <a class="image" title="Djibouti" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Djibouti.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Djibouti" href=""></a> – Republic of Djibouti
  • <a class="image" title="Dominica" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Dominica.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Dominica" href=""></a> – Commonwealth of Dominica



  • <a class="image" title="Ecuador" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Ecuador.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Ecuador" href=""></a> – Republic of Ecuador

  • <a class="image" title="Egypt" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Egypt.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Egypt" href=""></a> – Arab Republic of Egypt
  • <a class="image" title="El Salvador" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_El_Salvador.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="El Salvador" href="/wiki/El_Salvador">El Salvador</a> – Republic of El Salvador
  • <a class="image" title="Equatorial Guinea" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Equatorial_Guinea.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Equatorial Guinea" href="/wiki/Equatorial_Guinea">Equatorial Guinea</a> – Republic of Equatorial Guinea
  • <a class="image" title="Eritrea" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Eritrea.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Eritrea" href=""></a> – State of Eritrea
  • <a class="image" title="Estonia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Estonia_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Estonia" href=""></a> – Republic of Estonia
  • <a class="image" title="Ethiopia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Ethiopia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Ethiopia" href=""></a> – Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia



  • <a class="image" title="Fiji" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Fiji.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Fiji" href=""></a> – Republic of the Fiji Islands
  • <a class="image" title="Finland" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Finland_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Finland" href=""></a> – Republic of Finland
  • <a class="image" title="France" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_France.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="France" href=""></a> – French Republic



  • <a class="image" title="Gabon" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Gabon.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Gabon" href=""></a> – Gabonese Republic
  • <a class="image" title="The Gambia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_The_Gambia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="The Gambia" href="/wiki/The_Gambia">Gambia, The</a> – Republic of The Gambia
  • <a class="image" title="Georgia (country)" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Georgia_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Georgia (country)" href=""></a><a title="" href="#_note-12">[20]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Germany" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Germany.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Germany" href=""></a> – Federal Republic of Germany
  • <a class="image" title="Ghana" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Ghana.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Ghana" href=""></a> – Republic of Ghana
  • <a class="image" title="Gibraltar" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Gibraltar_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Gibraltar" href=""></a> (UK overseas territory)
  • <a class="image" title="Greece" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Greece.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Greece" href=""></a> – Hellenic Republic
  • <a class="image" title="Greenland" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Greenland.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Greenland" href=""></a> (Self-governing country in the Kingdom of Denmark)
  • <a class="image" title="Grenada" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Grenada.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Grenada" href=""></a>
  • <a class="image" title="Guam" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Guam.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Guam" href=""></a> – Territory of Guam (US overseas territory)
  • <a class="image" title="Guatemala" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Guatemala.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Guatemala" href=""></a> – Republic of Guatemala
  • <a class="image" title="Guinea" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Guinea.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Guinea" href=""></a> – Republic of Guinea
  • <a class="image" title="Guinea-Bissau" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Guinea-Bissau.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Guinea-Bissau" href="/wiki/Guinea-Bissau">Guinea-Bissau</a> – Republic of Guinea-Bissau
  • <a class="image" title="Guyana" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Guyana.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Guyana" href=""></a> – Co-operative Republic of Guyana



  • <a class="image" title="Haiti" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Haiti.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Haiti" href=""></a> – Republic of Haiti
  • <a class="image" title="Honduras" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Honduras.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Honduras" href=""></a> – Republic of Honduras
  • <a class="image" title="Hungary" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Hungary.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Hungary" href=""></a> – Republic of Hungary



  • <a class="image" title="Iceland" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Iceland.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Iceland" href=""></a> – Republic of Iceland
  • <a class="image" title="India" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_India.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="India" href=""></a> – Republic of India
  • <a class="image" title="Indonesia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Indonesia_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Indonesia" href=""></a> – Republic of Indonesia
  • <a class="image" title="Iran" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Iran.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Iran" href=""></a> – Islamic Republic of Iran
  • <a class="image" title="Iraq" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Iraq.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Iraq" href=""></a> – Republic of Iraq
  • <a class="image" title="Republic of Ireland" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Ireland_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Republic of Ireland" href=""></a><a title="" href="#_note-15">[23]</a>
    • See <a title="" href="#F">Falkland Islands</a> for Islas Malvinas
  • <a class="image" title="Israel" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Israel_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Israel" href=""></a> – State of Israel
  • <a class="image" title="Italy" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Italy.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Italy" href=""></a> – Italian Republic
    • See <a title="" href="#C">Côte d'Ivoire</a> for Ivory Coast<a title="" href="#_note-names">[1]</a>



  • <a class="image" title="Jamaica" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Jamaica.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Jamaica" href=""></a>
  • <a class="image" title="Japan" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Japan_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Japan" href=""></a>
  • <a class="image" title="Jordan" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Jordan.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Jordan" href=""></a> – Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan



  • <a class="image" title="Kazakhstan" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Kazakhstan.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Kazakhstan" href=""></a> – Republic of Kazakhstan
  • <a class="image" title="Kenya" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Kenya.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Kenya" href=""></a> – Republic of Kenya
  • <a class="image" title="Kiribati" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Kiribati.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Kiribati" href=""></a> – Republic of Kiribati
  • <a class="image" title="South Korea" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_South_Korea_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="South Korea" href="/wiki/South_Korea">Korea, Republic of</a> – Republic of Korea<a title="" href="#_note-17">[25]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Kuwait" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Kuwait.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Kuwait" href=""></a> – State of Kuwait
  • <a class="image" title="Kyrgyzstan" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Kyrgyzstan.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Kyrgyzstan" href=""></a> – Kyrgyz Republic<a title="" href="#_note-18">[27]</a>



  • <a class="image" title="Laos" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Laos.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Laos" href=""></a> – Lao People's Democratic Republic
  • <a class="image" title="Latvia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Latvia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Latvia" href=""></a> – Republic of Latvia
  • <a class="image" title="Lebanon" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Lebanon.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Lebanon" href=""></a> – Republic of Lebanon
  • <a class="image" title="Lesotho" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Lesotho_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Lesotho" href=""></a> – Kingdom of Lesotho
  • <a class="image" title="Liberia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Liberia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Liberia" href=""></a> – Republic of Liberia
  • <a class="image" title="Libya" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Libya.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Libya" href=""></a> – Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
  • <a class="image" title="Liechtenstein" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Liechtenstein.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Liechtenstein" href=""></a> – Principality of Liechtenstein
  • <a class="image" title="Lithuania" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Lithuania.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Lithuania" href=""></a> – Republic of Lithuania
  • <a class="image" title="Luxembourg" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Luxembourg.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Luxembourg" href=""></a> – Grand Duchy of Luxembourg



  • <a class="image" title="Macau" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Macau.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Macau" href=""></a> – Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (Area of special sovereignty)<a title="" href="#_note-names">[1]</a><a title="" href="#_note-19">[28]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Republic of Macedonia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Macedonia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Republic of Macedonia" href=""></a> – Republic of Macedonia<a title="" href="#_note-20">[29]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Madagascar" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Madagascar.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Madagascar" href=""></a> – Republic of Madagascar
  • <a class="image" title="Malawi" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Malawi.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Malawi" href=""></a> – Republic of Malawi
  • <a class="image" title="Malaysia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Malaysia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Malaysia" href=""></a>
  • <a class="image" title="Maldives" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Maldives.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Maldives" href=""></a> – Republic of Maldives
  • <a class="image" title="Mali" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Mali.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Mali" href=""></a> – Republic of Mali
  • <a class="image" title="Malta" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Malta_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Malta" href=""></a> – Republic of Malta
  • <a class="image" title="Mauritania" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Mauritania.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Mauritania" href=""></a> – Islamic Republic of Mauritania
  • <a class="image" title="Mauritius" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Mauritius.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Mauritius" href=""></a> – Republic of Mauritius
  • <a class="image" title="Mayotte" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_France.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Mayotte" href=""></a> (French overseas community)
  • <a class="image" title="Mexico" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Mexico.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Mexico" href=""></a> – United Mexican States
  • <a class="image" title="Federated States of Micronesia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Micronesia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Federated States of Micronesia" href=""></a> – Federated States of Micronesia
  • <a class="image" title="Moldova" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Moldova.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Republic of Moldova" href=""></a> – Republic of Moldova<a title="" href="#_note-21">[30]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Monaco" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Monaco_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Monaco" href=""></a> – Principality of Monaco
  • <a class="image" title="Mongolia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Mongolia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Mongolia" href=""></a>
  • <a class="image" title="Montenegro" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Montenegro.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Montenegro" href=""></a> – Republic of Montenegro
  • <a class="image" title="Montserrat" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Montserrat.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Montserrat" href=""></a> (UK overseas territory)
  • <a class="image" title="Morocco" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Morocco.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Morocco" href=""></a> – Kingdom of Morocco<a title="" href="#_note-22">[31]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Mozambique" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Mozambique.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Mozambique" href=""></a> – Republic of Mozambique
  • <a class="image" title="Myanmar" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Myanmar.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Myanmar" href=""></a> – Union of Myanmar<a title="" href="#_note-names">[1]</a>



  • <a class="image" title="Namibia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Namibia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Namibia" href=""></a> – Republic of Namibia
  • <a class="image" title="Nauru" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Nauru.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Nauru" href=""></a> – Republic of Nauru
  • <a class="image" title="Nepal" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Nepal.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Nepal" href=""></a> – State of Nepal
  • <a class="image" title="Netherlands" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_Netherlands.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Netherlands" href=""></a> – Kingdom of the Netherlands<a title="" href="#_note-23">[32]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="New Zealand" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_New_Zealand.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="New Zealand" href="/wiki/New_Zealand">New Zealand</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Nicaragua" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Nicaragua.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Nicaragua" href=""></a> – Republic of Nicaragua
  • <a class="image" title="Niger" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Niger.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Niger" href=""></a> – Republic of Niger
  • <a class="image" title="Nigeria" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Nigeria.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Nigeria" href=""></a> – Federal Republic of Nigeria
  • <a class="image" title="Niue" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Niue.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Niue" href=""></a> (Associated state of New Zealand)
    • See <a title="" href="#K">Korea, Democratic People's Republic of</a> for North Korea
  • <a class="image" title="Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_Turkish_Republic_of_Northern_Cyprus.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" href="/wiki/Turkish_Republic_of_Northern_Cyprus">Northern Cyprus</a> – Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus<a title="" href="#_note-NC">[2]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Northern Mariana Islands" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_Northern_Mariana_Islands.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Northern Mariana Islands" href="/wiki/Northern_Mariana_Islands">Northern Mariana Islands</a> – Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (US overseas commonwealth)
  • <a class="image" title="Norway" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Norway.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Norway" href=""></a> – Kingdom of Norway



  • <a class="image" title="Oman" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Oman_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Oman" href=""></a> – Sultanate of Oman



  • <a class="image" title="Pakistan" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Pakistan.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Pakistan" href=""></a> – Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • <a class="image" title="Palau" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Palau.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Palau" href=""></a> – Republic of Palau
  • <a class="image" title="Palestinian National Authority" href="/wiki/Image:Palestinian_flag.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Palestinian territories" href=""></a> – <a title="State of Palestine" href="/wiki/State_of_Palestine">State of Palestine</a><a title="" href="#_note-24">[33]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Panama" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Panama_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Panama" href=""></a> – Republic of Panama
  • <a class="image" title="Paraguay" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Paraguay.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Paraguay" href=""></a> – Republic of Paraguay
  • <a class="image" title="Peru" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Peru.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Peru" href=""></a> – Republic of Peru
  • <a class="image" title="Philippines" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_Philippines.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Philippines" href=""></a> – Republic of the Philippines
  • <a class="image" title="Poland" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Poland_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Poland" href=""></a> – Republic of Poland
  • <a class="image" title="Portugal" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Portugal.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Portugal" href=""></a> – Portuguese Republic
  • <a class="image" title="Transnistria" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Transnistria.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Transnistria" href=""></a> – Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic<a title="" href="#_note-names">[1]</a><a title="" href="#_note-PRID">[5]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Puerto Rico" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Puerto_Rico.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Puerto Rico" href="/wiki/Puerto_Rico">Puerto Rico</a> – Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (US overseas commonwealth)



  • <a class="image" title="Qatar" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Qatar.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Qatar" href=""></a> – State of Qatar



  • <a class="image" title="Romania" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Romania.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Romania" href=""></a>
  • <a class="image" title="Russia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Russia_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Russia" href=""></a> – Russian Federation
  • <a class="image" title="Rwanda" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Rwanda.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Rwanda" href=""></a> – Republic of Rwanda



  • <a class="image" title="Saint Lucia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Saint_Lucia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Saint Lucia" href="/wiki/Saint_Lucia">Saint Lucia</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Saint-Pierre and Miquelon" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_France.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Saint-Pierre and Miquelon" href="/wiki/Saint-Pierre_and_Miquelon">Saint Pierre and Miquelon</a> (French overseas community)
  • <a class="image" title="Samoa" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Samoa.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Samoa" href=""></a> – Independent State of Samoa
  • <a class="image" title="San Marino" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_San_Marino_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="San Marino" href="/wiki/San_Marino">San Marino</a> – Most Serene Republic of San Marino
  • <a class="image" title="Sao Tome and Principe" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Sao_Tome_and_Principe.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Sao Tome and Principe" href="/wiki/S%C3%A3o_Tom%C3%A9_and_Pr%C3%ADncipe">São Tomé and Príncipe</a> – Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe
  • <a class="image" title="Saudi Arabia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Saudi_Arabia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Saudi Arabia" href="/wiki/Saudi_Arabia">Saudi Arabia</a> – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • <a class="image" title="Senegal" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Senegal.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Senegal" href=""></a> – Republic of Senegal
  • <a class="image" title="Serbia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Serbia_%28state%29_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Serbia" href=""></a> – Republic of Serbia<a title="" href="#_note-25">[34]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Seychelles" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_Seychelles.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Seychelles" href=""></a> – Republic of Seychelles
  • <a class="image" title="Sierra Leone" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Sierra_Leone.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Sierra Leone" href="/wiki/Sierra_Leone">Sierra Leone</a> – Republic of Sierra Leone
  • <a class="image" title="Singapore" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Singapore_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Singapore" href=""></a> – Republic of Singapore
  • <a class="image" title="Slovakia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Slovakia_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Slovakia" href=""></a> – Slovak Republic
  • <a class="image" title="Slovenia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Slovenia_%28bordered%29.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Slovenia" href=""></a> – Republic of Slovenia
  • <a class="image" title="Somalia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Somalia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Somalia" href=""></a><a title="" href="#_note-26">[35]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Somaliland" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Somaliland.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Somaliland" href=""></a> – Republic of Somaliland<a title="" href="#_note-SOM">[6]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="South Africa" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_South_Africa.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="South Africa" href="/wiki/South_Africa">South Africa</a> – Republic of South Africa
    • See <a title="" href="#K">Korea, Republic of</a> for South Korea
  • <a class="image" title="South Ossetia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_South_Ossetia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="South Ossetia" href="/wiki/South_Ossetia">South Ossetia</a> – Republic of South Ossetia<a title="" href="#_note-SOS">[7]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Spain" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Spain.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Spain" href=""></a> – Kingdom of Spain
  • <a class="image" title="Sri Lanka" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Sri_Lanka.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Sri Lanka" href="/wiki/Sri_Lanka">Sri Lanka</a> – Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
  • <a class="image" title="Sudan" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Sudan.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Sudan" href=""></a> – Republic of the Sudan
  • <a class="image" title="Suriname" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Suriname.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Suriname" href=""></a> – Republic of Suriname
  • <a class="image" title="Svalbard" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Norway.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Svalbard" href=""></a> (Territory of Norway)<a title="" href="#_note-27">[36]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Swaziland" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Swaziland.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Swaziland" href=""></a> – Kingdom of Swaziland
  • <a class="image" title="Sweden" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Sweden.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Sweden" href=""></a> – Kingdom of Sweden
  • <a class="image" title="Switzerland" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Switzerland.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Switzerland" href=""></a> – Swiss Confederation
  • <a class="image" title="Syria" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Syria.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Syria" href=""></a> – Syrian Arab Republic



  • Taiwan
  • <a class="image" title="Tajikistan" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Tajikistan.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Tajikistan" href=""></a> – Republic of Tajikistan

  • <a class="image" title="Tanzania" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Tanzania.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Tanzania" href=""></a> – United Republic of Tanzania
  • <a class="image" title="Thailand" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Thailand.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Thailand" href=""></a> – Kingdom of Thailand
  • <a class="image" title="East Timor" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_East_Timor.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="East Timor" href="/wiki/East_Timor">Timor-Leste</a> – Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste<a title="" href="#_note-names">[1]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Togo" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Togo.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Togo" href=""></a> – Togolese Republic
  • <a class="image" title="Tokelau" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_New_Zealand.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Tokelau" href=""></a> (Overseas territory of New Zealand)
  • <a class="image" title="Tonga" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Tonga.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Tonga" href=""></a> – Kingdom of Tonga
    • See <a title="" href="#P">Pridnestrovie</a> for Transnistria<a title="" href="#_note-names">[1]</a>
  • <a class="image" title="Trinidad and Tobago" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Trinidad_and_Tobago.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Trinidad and Tobago" href="/wiki/Trinidad_and_Tobago">Trinidad and Tobago</a> – Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • <a class="image" title="Tristan da Cunha" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Tristan_da_Cunha.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Tristan da Cunha" href="/wiki/Tristan_da_Cunha">Tristan da Cunha</a> (Dependency of the UK overseas territory of Saint Helena)
  • <a class="image" title="Tunisia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Tunisia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Tunisia" href=""></a> – Tunisian Republic
  • <a class="image" title="Turkey" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Turkey.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Turkey" href=""></a> – Republic of Turkey
  • <a class="image" title="Turkmenistan" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Turkmenistan.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Turkmenistan" href=""></a>
  • <a class="image" title="Tuvalu" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Tuvalu.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Tuvalu" href=""></a>



  • <a class="image" title="Uganda" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Uganda.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Uganda" href=""></a> – Republic of Uganda
  • <a class="image" title="Ukraine" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Ukraine.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Ukraine" href=""></a>
  • <a class="image" title="United Arab Emirates" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_United_Arab_Emirates.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="United Arab Emirates" href="/wiki/United_Arab_Emirates">United Arab Emirates</a>
  • <a class="image" title="United Kingdom" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="United Kingdom" href="/wiki/United_Kingdom">United Kingdom</a> – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • <a class="image" title="United States" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_United_States.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="United States" href="">United States</a> – United States of America
  • <a class="image" title="Uruguay" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Uruguay.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Uruguay" href=""></a> – Oriental Republic of Uruguay
  • <a class="image" title="Uzbekistan" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Uzbekistan.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Uzbekistan" href=""></a> – Republic of Uzbekistan



  • <a class="image" title="Vanuatu" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Vanuatu.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Vanuatu" href=""></a> – Republic of Vanuatu
  • <a class="image" title="Venezuela" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Venezuela.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Venezuela" href=""></a> – Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  • <a class="image" title="Vietnam" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Vietnam.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Vietnam" href=""></a> – Socialist Republic of Vietnam




  • <a class="image" title="Yemen" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Yemen.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Yemen" href=""></a> – Republic of Yemen



  • <a class="image" title="Zambia" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Zambia.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Zambia" href=""></a> – Republic of Zambia
  • <a class="image" title="Zimbabwe" href="/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Zimbabwe.svg">Error: empty param in <img>!</a> <a title="Zimbabwe" href=""></a> – Republic of Zimbabwe

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