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BioDatabase is the domain level name for the 'MetaBase' database. MetaBase is hosted on the http://BioDatabase.Org domain as part of the BiO Community Cluster (http://BiO.CC) project.

The MetaBase database (http://BioDatabase.Org) is a community project to list and organise the vast number of biological resources currently available on the internet. At no other time in history has so much data been freely available to the biological sciences. Online resources include;

  • The complete taxonomic tree of life; NCBI Taxonomy
  • The complete structural, functional and evolutionary classification of protein space; SCOP | DALI | ENZYME | GO | Pfam
  • The complete metabolic networks of every tissue within every organism; KEGG
  • The complete network of protein-protein interactions determined at atomic resolution; PSIMAP
  • The complete genomes of many thousands of organisms; NCBI

It is essential that resources like these (and many thousands more) are systematically and effectively documented in a community driven environment for the purposes of education and research. The BiO.CC project is tackeling this task at the community level, developing communities of scientific colaboration in many diverse fields of biology and bioinformatics. The MetaBase project is focused on organising database resources that are relevant to these communities. |